How Can You Make Your Green Website Stand Out More?

By selling eco friendly goods made from manufacturers who are serious about this industry and not try to label a product that is partly eco friendly. To have a greater chance at getting your current buyers to re-order from you, you should provide as much information as possible. Your partners will keep your advertisements and product reviews on their websites if your “percentage of returns” minimal. Your customers will be happy to shop again knowing they are getting a quality environmentally friendly product.

As an eco business friendly product review marketer, I like to find websites that provide as much information as possible. This saves me from having to contact their customer service department and ask them what fibers and colours are used to make their clothing, home wares or body care products. Eco friendly shoppers also want to go online, find that product which fits their needs and order it without having to verify first if the product is truly “eco friendly”.

Eco Businesses Be Aware

For those people who are interested in having others market their website or would like to promote products in this sustainable industry, please don’t use the “eco friendly” phrase if you just want to make a quick dollar to get a slice of the pie. Consumers get upset when they find out the product they bought is not 100% eco. They end up shopping elsewhere and your business gets a bad name.

If you do have a genuine eco friendly product, specify it’s full description. I find products that are mentioned with eco friendly materials don’t include what dyes are used through the process. Company websites which include a detailed description of their items; have a higher chance at obtaining a sale or having the person bookmark their website and return to it, then those who write vague descriptions.

Are You New To Promoting Eco Friendly Products?

Before you consider ordering items wholesale or establishing your eco business, do your research:

  1. Contact the manufacturer/s and finding out more information about how they manufacture the product and what products they use to create the end piece of the clothing or item in question.
  2. Or pay a marketer who can do this for you if you have other commitments.

Consumers don’t like returning goods because of the cost of returning goods is sometimes charged to the consumer, depending on the company refund policy. In some cases, consumers do not return the item, because it may cost more than half what they have already paid for in the original transaction.

Once a consumer buys a product, they want to keep it. If you would like to attract consumers and keep them as loyal customers be upfront and be specific about what you are selling. People are looking for eco friendly items for a reason, to stay clear of chemicals.