How To Market Your Green Business and Grow Well

A Green Business is something to be proud of. By establishing such a business you are contributing to the well being of the Planet and of your fellow man. It doesn’t matter if you are a consulting firm that advises others on the best ways to Go Green or if you sell merchandise that is “green”, by adding your voice and your resources to the Eco friendly movement then you are doing the world a great service.

As the Green Movement gains momentum and more companies are joining the fold it is important to make certain that your business does not become another tree among the ever growing forest. You have to market your business in such a way that it is noticeable and necessary while maintaining the right to be Green.

It’s not easy being Green especially if you are a small business just starting out in the Eco friendly business market. Consumers that are environmentally concerned are also environmentally savvy and know what to look for when shopping for goods and services that boast about being good for the environment.

Greenwashing is a negative term that you never want attached to your business. It means that a company claiming to be eco friendly and green is exaggerating and in truth, their practices of going green just do not hold up under closer inspection. Your business can avoid being accused of Greenwashing by practicing what you preach.

If you deal in energy saving light bulbs, use them in the office, the break room, where ever you can. If you trust the product enough to sell it then use it. If you’re company advises others on ways to Go Green then follow your own advice. Recycle, reuse, install solar panels, water saving products, and whatever else you tell your clients to do.

Remember, no matter how well you advertise your business and market your products, if consumers have no faith in it then you will simply not make a profit and your business will become untrustworthy and a laughing stock.

When it comes to marketing your business and goods look for ways to reduce waste associated with traditional advertising techniques, including the newspaper and other print publications. More newspaper companies are using recycled materials, so if you plan on using the print media make sure your ad appears in a paper that is proud of being recycled. A popular alternative is using online services as a way to market and advertise your business. There are several methods and ways to do this, from creating an entire website devoted to your business, to using ads such as pop up ads or text based ads that appear on websites. A new addition to the online advertising game is sites devoted to marketing Green businesses. These sites allow consumers a place to go to and search databases based on location and products that are eco friendly.

The key to marketing your business and your green products is letting consumers know that it exists. Advertising such a business can be tricky as you will certainly not want to waste resources which may be mistaken as Greenwashing. Get your name out there by word of mouth, through online ads, and with any other innovative and clever method you can think of.

Other ways to market your Green Business can include: offering free recycling at the business location, or offering free seminars on how to go green. Become a positive voice in the community and encourage others, including the city to go green.

Marketing your green business will require extra effort but the rewards are well worth it not just for your profits but for the Earth as well.